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The fourth addition in Hiimwaterdragon's collection. This single, Jamey & Blaze, containing an A-Side and B-Side, was produced and recorded in West Los Angeles where Water Dragon was living at the time (a rehearsal space in L.A.). The album captures a bit of his beautiful falsetto in serenade, then finishes with a more manic song of his journeys. Actually, both songs are of travelling. One light and the other very dark with a gold stripe surrounding it.


released May 5, 2013



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HIIMWATERDRAGON Mountain View, California

I fuckin died, damn

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Track Name: Monopoly Car
"Monopoly Car"

Lady, how do you feel?
I know you've been sayin that you wanna drive
In this Monopoly-based place
And I know you like the wind on your face
It is a convertible
And you're feelin wonderful
I know, cuz I see you there
I know, cuz I feel your hair

I love everything you say
Oh, I'll drive you every single place
Track Name: Depression Came Early This Year
"Depression Came Early This Year"

"Hey, how are you?"
I've been good.
I've been sleepin a lot.
And I found myself
in a dream
but I forget how it went.
-"Oh, well, now that you ask,
I've been travelling a lot
and visiting slums
all over California; just loving it."

If you really wanted to know,
I'm doin just fine
Doin spectacular
Goddamn it's hard
still learning another vernacular,
still finding another home I can serve

I've been to about everywhere I can be

I'm lovin my life; recordin every word
But goddamn it's hard;
still learnin another vernacular,
still finding another home I can serve

I've been due about seven years and a week